What is Variable Universal Life Insurance?


Variable universal life insurance is an investment as well as a life insurance policy. These two benefits are bundled together in one product.

The thing is, you have a little more say in how your own policy works.
You can choose the type of investments you want to include and even change them at any time without penalty or increased premiums. You can also set up a payment plan to fit your budget.

Variable universal life insurance also offers flexibility that is not offered in some other types of life insurance. This is because the premium payments are not tied to the age you choose when you buy the policy.

Overall, variable universal life insurance combines a lot of benefits into one policy without compromising either benefit. If variable universal life insurance does not meet your needs, there are still a number of other options for buying life insurance that does offer both benefits in one policy.

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Variable Universal Life Insurance
Variable Universal Life Insurance

Variable Universal Life Insurance Pros and Cons


  • Variable universal life insurance is known as a “hybrid” policy
  • It offers a broad range of flexibility in terms of premium payment, which means that you can choose how much coverage you want at what price
  • It features liquid investments, which provide returns with minimal taxes


  • The cost of the premiums increases with age. Higher premiums for older age groups might result in lower returns
  • It does not have very high term coverage limits. This means that you may not be able to get the maximum benefits if you become ill or lose your job
  • The investment return may fluctuate, but the dividends are tax-free. Meaning that this is a suitable product for those who want guaranteed cash inflow in times of need
  • Many individuals evaluate variable universal life insurance and decide to pick this product because they feel it can offer them better investment opportunities than fixed universal life insurance.

Which are the benefits of variable universal life funds?

Investment in variable universal life funds (VUL) – sometimes described as VULs or ULs – means that the value of your investment will vary, typically rising or falling with the stock market. It is possible to build a portfolio of these types of funds giving you a wider range of investments but also greater risk and higher potential reward.

A variable universal life fund provides an investor with a wide variety of investments, offering both low-risk and high-risk options each month.


What is variable universal life insurance? Variable universal life insurance is an investment and life insurance policy bundled into one. Each policy is designed to meet the specific needs of a specific person.


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