'Does he want to play for another club?': New details emerge in Haas' drunk teammate's punch

Payne Haas Drunk & Fight

The Broncos are investigating the battle between star prop Payne Haas and fifth-eighth Albert Kelly in Sydney

after a match against the Bulldogs in the second round.

Media has acquired the material where Haas' left fist touches Kelly.

The New South Wales Origin striker can also be heard calling Kelly "fucking shit."

Kelly was also heard to say, "Why would I step on your shoes?"

News Corp reports that the Broncos are aware of the material and are investigating the alleged alcohol.....

.....dispute and have reported the matter to the NRL Integrity Unit.

“It was in the lobby of the hotel where they were staying,” Phil Rothfield told Big Sports Breakfast.

Against the 2nd round Bulldogs (in the game), they were in Sydney and had gone out with a few beers after the game, there was a dispute between the couple.

“The problem with the Broncos is that it became public, and another problem is that Payne Haas must behave better than in that video.

“In 2019, he was banned from playing four games and fined $20,000 for failing to cooperate with the Integrity Unit's investigation.

"Last year he behaved disgracefully and was charged with offensive language and police intimidation at Tweed Head.

The NRL fined him $50,000 and banned him from playing three matches.

"I wonder if there's a bigger problem here and if Payne Haas wants to be in the Broncos

or if he wants to play at another club (because) he doesn't seem happy there."

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