Bruce Willis is an American actor, producer and "musician" who has a net worth of $250 million.

Bruce Willis
 Net Worth

During his career, Bruce has consistently been one of the highest-paid leading men in Hollywood.

Between the late 1980s and the present, he has earned hundreds of millions of dollars in film salaries alone.

His earnings from 1999's The Sixth Sense totaled $100 million thanks to a generous cut of the film's gross.

His upfront salary was $14 million. As of this writing, that's the second-most money ever earned by one actor from a movie

Although technically the #1 record, $156 million, was earned by Keanu Reeves over TWO Matrix movies. So one could say that Bruce's Sixth Sense payday is the largest in Hollywood history.

Bruce Willis was born in the town of Idar-Oberstein which at the time was part of West Germany, on March 19, 1955.

Bruce Willis
Early Life

His mother was a bank teller, his father was an American serviceman. Willis moved to Penns Grove, New Jersey as a child.

In 1984 he made the move from New York to Los Angeles. Once in California he began winning bit parts on TV shows like Miami Vice and The Twilight Zone.

In 1985, Bruce auditioned and won the role of David Addison Jr. on what would become Moonlighting.

Bruce Willis

Starring Opposite Cybill Shepherd, Bruce tapped his previous experience as a private detective over 5 seasons between 1985 and 1989.

The show turned Willis into an international star and earned him an Emmy for Outstanding Lead in a Drama Series and a Golden Globe.

He was so popular that Seagram hired Willis to promote their Golden Wine Cooler in a series of advertisements.

Willis was paid $7 million over two years for the campaign.

That's the same as around $17 million today after adjusting for inflation. Willis ended his contract with Seagrams after he gave up alcohol in 1988.

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